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Our extensive experience in governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) will help your company construct a modern business management framework that is integrated with future-oriented and innovative organisational structures.
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We can deliver all and any internal audit services, including annual planning, execution of the annual plan and reports for the management team and the audit committee.


This type of service can be contracted in a number of different ways:
— Full service outsourcing;
— Oversight and coordination that is shared with the client;
— Secondment of Dixtior specialists to the client’s audit team;
— Outsourcing of selected audit tasks/processes/controls, when the client needs to bring in field-specific specialists (e.g. risk, legal, IT, etc.).

Risk Management

We identify and quantify specific risks and take decisions about how your business might manage and mitigate these in the future.

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Our range of risk management services is fully compliant with international risk management standards and includes:
— Risk management planning;
— Risk identification;
— Quantitative and qualitative risk analyses;
— Risk handling;
— Project monitoring and management;
— Collateral management.

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We work to ensure the prevention of money laundering:


Prevention of money laundering:
— Independent AML audits/internal AML audits, evaluation of AML programmes and analysis of any shortfalls;
— Review of the effectiveness of AML programmes and/or assistance with assessing AML risk;
— Conception and implementation of client due diligence processes (‘Know your Client’ [KYC] programmes and risk models);
— Design and delivery of training programmes for management and staff.

We also focus on specific regulations and policies:
— Analysis of the key elements in a company’s compliance programme, with reference to the relevant legislation and global best practices;
— Checking of compliance work to see if these tasks are being carried out as planned.

Internal audit

Develop from square one or optimise. Whatever your company’s internal audit requirements may be, our team is ready to deliver the support you need.

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Data Analysis

We develop, validate and recalibrate models for credit, operational and liquidity risk, so you can be sure that your organisation is compliant with the appropriate risk classification methods.

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Risk classification method under Basel II/Basel III: we develop, validate and recalibrate models for credit, operational and liquidity risk, so you can be sure that your organisation is compliant with the Basel II/Basel III risk classification methods.

Analysis and monitoring of scorecard performance: we carry out validation exercises that monitor and assess the performance of any scorecard. This service can be provided on a one-off basis, monthly, quarterly or annually. It comprises:
— Descriptive analysis of the scorecard;
— Analysis of the distribution of scores;
— Analysis of cut-off/transaction points;
— Identification of performance problems;
— Comprehensive report on the scorecard’s performance.

Development of made-to-measure scorecards: we develop models based on your organisation’s data on:
— retention;
— cross-selling;
— up-selling;
— fraud;
— credit limits (credit cards);
— probability of default;
— other areas of interest.

Client management: we develop scorecards to support your client management decisions. These are based on organisational objectives in such areas as authorisations, the acceptance of new clients, the management of lines of credit, card renewal, collections and recoveries.

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