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How to implement Whistleblower Software
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Create a Link

Build your very own reporting page where your employees can report incidents either confidentially or anonymously.

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Cases are delegated automatically and the whistleblower will always be informed about who receives his case before it is sent to anyone.


Two-way communication

Communicate with the whistleblower after the report has been made, also if the whistleblower is completely anonymous.

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avg. settlement costs for companies that encourage the disclosure of wrongdoing
0 %
of fraud schemes are initially detected by tips
0 %
of which were reported by employees
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Prevent leaks of your company's most delicate matters.

Go for the highest security.
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Security Level
The whistleblower can choose to be confidential or anonymous
Is it low-cost?
Continue your conversation with the whistleblower after reporting
Is the system compliant with GDPR, the EU Directive and Schrems II?
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A system built to be compliant with major privacy and whistleblowing laws

Who must comply with the new Law?

Did you know that this solution type is mandatory in organization with 50+ employees from this june 20?

Discover the criteria and find out if your company fits the Law n.º 93/2021.


Organizations operating in an EU Member State


Organization with more than 50 employees


Public organizations of municipalities with more than 10 thousand inhabitants

We support 70+ languages

Need compliance counceling or your whistleblowing cases managed by an external advisor?
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There are 4 essential components to ensure the correct implementation of the Whistleblower Protection Act.

Protecting whistleblowers from unfair treatment, such as retaliation, discrimination or other disadvantages, can encourage more people to report wrongdoing or crimes.

Whistleblower protection is thus an effective mechanism for discovering and preventing these violations, as well as safeguarding the welfare of society and the public interest.

Leadership should promote a safe environment and urge workers and other stakeholders to report instances of misconduct, wrongdoing, infractions and crimes, and commit to protecting whistleblowers.

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Our extensive governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) know-how is the starting point for our understanding of your real needs. We help our clients adjust and achieve compliance, consulting and offering always the best solution.

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